With this move, the software we still fire up our laptops to use makes a significant shift toward a cloud-based, mobile world. Uncracking The Creative Suite Switching to a subscription model also makes it much harder to pirate the software. This is something Adobe adobe cs6 products activator struggled with for a long time, routinely coming up with new ways to verify the authenticity of new installs. Of course, each new form of copy protection also triggered a workaround from hackers who would crack the software and then make it available on file-sharing sites.

Adobe CS6 Master Collection Patcher v10

adobe cs6 products activator

The installer told me to go to http: It is not practical to “Disable the firewall” or”Disable the proxy” as most of us worker bees have neither the authority or ability to do such a thing.

So back to that last bit: And lo and behold all the right prompts appeared and offline activation sailed along smoothly! This is a little long, but I wanted to include lots of screen shots so you’ll know what to expect. Here’s how I did it: Click Properties. Select the Connections card. Click LAN Settings. Uncheck any boxes you might want to write down what was in the boxes or grab a screen shot as you’ll have to put this back to how you found it later to restore your Internet access.

Click OK and OK again. You’ve now shut off IE’s ability to hit your proxy server and therefore the Internet. Click Install I have a serial number 7. Accept the license agreement. Enter your license key. Click Next. At this point the installer will attempt to validate your license, but since you haven’t got Internet access, it will give you an error.

This is where the process broke down on me, when the installer could detect the Internet but not navigate my proxy.

But, now beacuse you do not have Internet Access, you’ll get this error. Click Connect Later. Select your customizations if any and click Install. When installation is complete, click Launch Now. You’ll get an error since you don’t have Internet, click “Having Trouble Connecting to the internet? Click Offline Activation.

Click Generate Request Code. Go to http: Enter the response code. Click Activate. Click Launch when you get the Offline Activation Complete dialog. I ran into an issue where once I created a response code, no other response codes I created for subsequent installs were accepted. I had to wait 24 hours for a newly generated code to work.

You are done! Enjoy your software!

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