Great Very good software Dai’zjon Carney Actually workedddd I was having a pop up ad problem for the longest time. It found it and deleted it for me. Evrything works great now Serg Strikov An excellent anti-virus! Simple and easy on resources, but it is very powerful!

The best antivirus software for Android

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By Andrea Kornstein And this can result in anything from lost photos and contacts to stolen credit card numbers and malware that bricks your phone, rendering it unusable and unrepairable.

Fortunately, you can protect your Android by downloading an antivirus app. Exhale deep sigh of relief now. Android antivirus apps work similarly to the antivirus software you would download for your PC. As it completes the scan, it alerts you to any problems. However, unlike Mac or Windows-based software, not all Android apps automatically remove the harmful files.

You may have to do that manually. How to get out of annoying group texts on iOS and Android Many of these apps also have value beyond preventing viruses. Indeed, a number of them come with bonus features like anti-theft controls. These allow you to locate and track misplaced phones as well remotely lock and delete their contents. Some apps also provide phone and message filters, letting you add unknown and unwanted numbers to a blacklist.

And a handful of applications are even designed with alarms and flashlights. Finally, we should note that many companies offer both free and paid versions of their apps. We know that all of the above sounds great.

But there are some drawbacks to downloading antivirus apps. These applications often take up a decent amount of space and consume battery life.

They can also impede your processing speed and barrage you with irritating notifications. Moreover, some Android enthusiasts argue that if you simply stick to downloading apps from Google Play, your phone should be fine.

However, we just love playing it safe we enjoy a good seat belt, too. So we heartily recommend installing some antivirus software. In fact, we even did some research to make it easy for you.

Here are our top picks for antivirus apps.

Is this really the version you need?

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