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Also, all major codecs in use in the industry are supported natively, with no transcoding required even when different compression aplikasi edius are mixed on the timeline. Full screen, VGA preview, including multi-cam selection, is also provided. EDIUS 6 also extends its editing functionality towards post-production applications. Multicam editing is now expanded to16 cameras, with a choice of several multi-viewer screen layouts. Add to this keyframable, free shape, vector-based masking, and improved After Effects plug-in support, and Aplikasi edius 6 is built aplikasi edius satisfy the requirements of even the most advanced editors.

Top 10 Best Professional Video Editing Software

aplikasi edius

Scores of programs compete against each other with new options, refined workspaces and streamlined workflows. EDIUS 6, from Grass Valley, is a pro competitor with a solid interface, impressive features and some pleasant surprises. The first disc installs the program; the second holds all the bonus software and extra plug-ins. The manual contains 23 pages of installation help, the USB key is essentially a security dongle, and the sticker is just for fun.

Installation is quick and simple without additional updates or patches to download. The user interface is clean, easy to navigate and keeps important functions within reach.

The arrangement and even color of the program windows is modifiable. Absent are project wizards, templates or big, bubbly buttons with lengthy tool-tips. When setting up your project, you need to know details of aspect ratios, video resolution, frame rates and so on. In reality, 60i runs at 30 frames per second, And while there is a Running Strong Both high definition and standard video work side by side in the timeline without issue.

You can even shuffle assets around in a sequence while the play head is moving, without bringing playback to a halt. And, mind you, this performance is on an older 2. Even clips under the dreaded red render bar often play smoothly. Individual sequence tracks can be given names up to 30 characters long.

EDIUS allows switching between up to 16 video tracks in multicam mode as it rewrites the timeline accordingly on the fly. And the list of awesome features keeps going. You can add them later, but it takes some searching through the manual to find out how. However, something as simple as an error message to give a helpful hint could be useful. As with any professional software, patience and keeping the user manual nearby helps you sort out most problems.

Tech Specs Trial Version Available: Yes Operating System: Minimum RAM: Intermediate to Professional Real-time Software Previews: Yes Encoding Formats:

Grass Valley 606256 Overview

Edius Pro 7 free download latest version for windows XP/7/8. Get offline installer setup high speed direct download link of Grass Valley Edius Pro for windows 32/64 bit PC. Here are the main features of Edius Pro 7 Free Download. Editor review – EDIUS is a multifunctional video editing application that can be used to create almost anything picture related.

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Edius is a video editing software package for PC computers running Windows. Edius is a non-linear editor (NLE) that works with most modern video formats. Aplikasi EDIUS Pro v ini merupakan aplikasi finishing film yang sangat sempurna yang banyak digunakan oleh perusahaan ataupun.

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Aplikasi edius

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