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One out of every four babies going into one hospital, I can tell you, in Maryland is addicted. They were everywhere. It was a major, nation-wide problem. The Origins of the Idea For most of the twentieth century, cocaine was a relatively uncommon recreational drug. The major drugs were marijuana and heroin. In the s, cocaine started getting more attention as the quantity of Colombian cocaine being imported into the country was driving down the price, and cocaine use was beginning to be associated with more than just upper-class parties and Wall Street yuppies.

The Evil Empire. Not long after, the media was looking for ways to capitalize on the fears being generated against the new menace. The media jumped on the only study that, at the time, been published on prenatal cocaine exposure, which was conducted by Dr.

In Dr. The study only had a sample size of twenty-three women, and — even as Chasnoff himself admitted — it was far from perfect. In addition to the inadequate sample-size, a great many variables were not accounted for, such as the use of other substances. Susan Spencer, the reporter who picked up the story, had an image filmed of a baby shaking, which she explained was a symptom of cocaine withdrawals due to the mother using cocaine while pregnant. Ignoring the Science to Craft a Narrative At the Emory University Medical School, a psychologist named Claire Coles had been studying the effects of prenatal exposure to drugs on infants for several years in fact, Dr.

Coles is still conducting such research at Emory today. At the time, she had only looked at alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana. She did not study the effects of heroin exposure, but this was only because she believed that infant heroin addiction from prenatal exposure was well settled, and she never felt a need to question the plausibility of a heroin-addicted infant. Cocaine is not addictive the way heroin is, she knew. Furthermore, because cocaine was a stimulant, she reasoned, if there were withdrawal symptoms at all, it should manifest in a baby being abnormally sleepy.

The jittery babies plastered all over the news were — if anything — heroin babies. The mothers in the study were undernourished. They had poor prenatal care. They were living in violent or abusive environments. On what grounds could any legitimate conclusion be drawn linking the health problems of their babies to, specifically, cocaine? Cole started incorporating cocaine into her own research. The reporters eventually stopped contacting her.

Instead, they ran interviews with hospital employees, many of whom were not even part of the medical staff. The crack baby myth continued to grow, and the science contesting it was ignored. James T. Bennett and Thomas J. Groom Books, He is writer and host of the Historical Controversies podcast. See also his YouTube channel here.

The Birth of Crack Cocaine

Bag of crack cocaine ready for testing in the lab. Cocaine is one of the world’s most recognized drugs. It is an incredibly. While the use of coca leaves as an intoxicant dates back three thousand years, crack cocaine, a crystallized form of cocaine, was developed during the cocaine.

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crack (v.) Old English cracian “make a sharp noise, give forth a loud, abrupt sound,” from Proto-Germanic *krakojan (source also of Middle Dutch craken, Dutch. It was the scourge of the ’80’s and ’90s, but how did crack cocaine come about? Where was it found and Origins of Cocaine. Cocaine comes.

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