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The first thing that people look for when choosing a backup software is how easy it is to use it. Creating a drivermax review is a highly delicate task in which no one wants to make any mistake, therefore, the software must be as simple as it can be so creating the backup can be done in even three steps, but it also must counts with all enough features to make the software worth it and to guarantee a complete job. And this is why Free Drive Backup is the perfect software for many, because it counts with all the things drivermax review described. Free Driver Backup If you need a backup software that drivermax review fast, simple and reliable, then Free Driver Backup is your best bet. This drivermax review would save you the stress of searching the internet for drivers that would be compatible with your device or looking for old installation CDs after reformatting or re-installing windows.

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drivermax review

Overview It is common knowledge that every computer requires drivers for its hardware. However in most cases people tend to rarely if ever update those drivers and in the long run that can lead to a loss of performance and possibly even various security vulnerabilities. DriverMax helps alleviate this problem by making it easy to find out which drivers need to be updated, and then download those updates.

Installation One of the only parts of the installation that you’ll need to take notice of is a prompt that will ask you whether you’d like to install the AVG Security Toolbar on your browser and also change your default search provider and homepage. Other than that, it is worth keeping an eye out for the option to pin DriverMax to your taskbar. Interface When you first launch DriverMax you’ll be greeted by a fairly simple interface with a main content section and a row of navigation options right above it that will allow you to quickly scan for updates, manage your driver downloads, and backup your drivers.

There is also an option to view the best Windows hardware in terms of performance and popularity. Further options can be accessed via the big red ‘Menu’ button in the upper right corner. Frankly speaking the interface may not appear too polished but it is definitely very functional. Pros The features that DriverMax provides are by far its strongest suit. To sum it up, it does exactly as advertised with the absolute minimum amount of fuss.

Additionally, it also provides the option to identify unknown hardware, rollback drivers to a previous version, and even restore them all from a system recovery point. The option to backup drivers and save them externally is also handy for clean installing a computer. Initially you’ll need to register but that won’t cost a dime.

In fact, the only thing that ‘Pro’ i. Free users will have to do so via a browser window that will open when and direct them to the updated driver.. Cons Outside of its slight lack of polish, the truth is that DriverMax doesn’t leave anything to be desired. It is easy to grasp and honestly does simplify the task of updating drivers immensely. Both software are very similar to one another, but DriverMax does have a slightly better array of options to backup drivers and then restore them later.

Other software in the same line tend to only allow users to check which drivers are out of date, but don’t enable them to download updates. Conclusion DriverMax has without a doubt established itself as one of the best software of its kind. It may be facing some stiff competition from SlimDrivers, but it is able to hold its own when compared head to head and performs its task admirably well.

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8. Driver update for any hardware device, now with a brand new interface plus faster downloads.

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Pros / Actual driver updating features are moderately effective and extraordinarily easy to use. DriverMax is the most unique driver update software we reviewed because of how its interface is laid out. DriverMax is driver update software that could benefit from becoming more like. DriverMax offers free driver updates, but the process is clunky and Generic Company Place Holder DriverMax ยท Read PCWorld’s review.

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for DriverMax PRO – Universal Driver Software for Windows Vista-XP [Download] at DriverMax is a good supplement to Windows Update, but still not as effective as manual checks.

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Drivermax review

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