If you have an old copy of Windows 7, 8, or 8. For this to work though, the key has to be unused. Why would I have an old copy of Windows 8 just laying around? We get it.

Activated Windows 8 Product key – [Updated License]

get windows 8 free student

Open your browser to the Microsoft Windows 10 Education webpage. Click Get Windows 10 Education. Enter your campus username and password. Then click Sign In. Click Start Shopping. Click on the Windows 10 icon. Click Add to Cart. Decide if you want extended access or not. Then click Check Out. This product key and download are only available for 30 days for free.

If you want to purchase an extended access which gives you 24 months of access to the key and download, click Add. Click Check Out. The Extended Access option is not free so you will need to enter a credit card number or use PayPal if you choose this option. Read the User Acceptance Form and scroll down. Enter your campus username and your name. Then click I Accept. Enter your campus username. Enter your name as it appears in the grey text below this field.

Click I Accept. Scroll down to verify your contact information. Then click Proceed With Order. Scroll down to verify that the information in the Contact Information section is correct. Click Proceed With Order.

Scroll down to locate your product key. Then click Get started. Scroll down your receipt to locate the product key. Print it or take a screenshot so you have it handy! Click Get started. The expiration date for access to the download and product key is shown in the Items section. You do not need to install Windows 10 Education before that day; you simply need to download Windows 10 Education and print the product key before then.

The product key itself does not expire. You will receive an email with information on how to access your account to retrieve the product key and download but the product key itself will not be in the email. Follow the instructions relevant to you. Click on the link that matches your situation and follow the instructions to install Windows 10 Education.

The upgrade process to Windows 10 Education may take quite a long time so be sure you have a couple of hours before starting. You can return to the Kivuto webstore to begin the process at a later time; you don’t have to install it when you order it. However, remember there is an expiration date to access your product key and the download! Need More Help? View the SGC website for their current hours. The Student IT Help Desk and Student Genius Center can only assist with issues in getting a product key for Windows 10; they are unable to assist with installation or issues that arise during or after installation.

Before you begin

Microsoft DreamSpark is a program for providing students with a full copy of MS Windows with an embedded. The program also provides a Developers Environment with free software for students all over the world. Visit the DreamSpark Catalog to download a licensed copy of MS. a copy of Windows 8 if you are a student /download/free-software/windows-8 /.

VIDEO: Get Windows 8 Free Student

To download Windows today for free, follow one of the methods (student) subscription, or you can download a Windows RTM ISO. You can download Windows 8 or instead of buying it on a disc. A Windows or 8 ISO download can be burned to a disc or copied to a.

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