How to get a voice changer for skype

At some point, you might want to sound different to prank your friends or protect your identity in sensitive situations. Well, it is not that simple to change your voice, but it is possible thanks to technology. There are many voice changer tools available that capable of altering the pitch and timbre of your voice, and make you sound like a completely different person. Then how to choose a good voice changer software for Skype? In this article, we have rounded up the 7 best voice changing apps for Skype that helps how to get a voice changer for skype to customize your voice while calling.

AthTek Voice Changer for Skype

how to get a voice changer for skype

Skype Voice Changer Windows This is very cool tool which can change your own voice in a given effects and your own voice will not be send to whom you are calling.

Now you can talk in any voice you want like a robot, any animal or any other voice you want. This is now a fun time. Firstly you can hear the sound which you are going to select before calling then you may decide whether you like it to speech or not. It also records whole of your conversations. It is fun to make your voice changes with Photo Booth. But it has only 8 types of voice variation.

Voxal Voice Changer It has also many features. You can edit and modify your voice and can share it to any app gaming, calling or any other that requires microphone. With this tool, you can be anything that is from boy to giant, girl to vampire or whatever you want. This is also a source of entertainment.

You can also apply the effects on existing files or can be applied on real time voice. And convert your voice in any form. It can convert a voice from a boy to girl and can send voice emotions that are funny to hear. Thousands of users have downloaded this voice changer for their Skype. Its online translator interprets your messages in our own language and when you send it to any of your contact; it will interpret those messages in their language. It has translators of more than 50 languages and it supports search engines like Google, Bing, and Babylon.

It also records your conversations and fun filled voices are also included in it so that you may send that voices to any of your contact for more fun. So these all are different free tools that may help you to change your voice for Skype. You may choose any one of them. All of them are reliable and easy to use. Must Read Articles:

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Get the Best Real Time Voice Changer for Skype and Online Games. Voicemod is a Real Time Voice Modulator (Scary, Girl, Scream, Robot, Singer, Female). Get now the Best Skype Voice Changers, including Clownfish Voice Changer, AthTek Skype Voice Changer, Voicemod and 9 other top solutions suggested and.

VIDEO: How To Get A Voice Changer For Skype

Now you can also make group calls through Skype. 1 Skype Voice Changer ( Windows); 2 Voice Candy (Mac); 3 Voxal Voice Changer; 4 AthTek Voice. Then how to choose a good voice changer software for Skype? can make fun of Skype voice changing, AthTek Voice Changer for Skype is the one you should .

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How to get a voice changer for skype

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