Kaspersky setup download

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kaspersky setup download

Select the operating system of the endpoint device the Kaspersky agent will be monitoring. Name Enter a name for the configuration file Description Enter a description for the configuration file. Configuration File To upload either your own configuration file or any of the default configuration files downloaded in step 1, click the green Upload the Configuration File arrow.

Once you have filled in all the fields and uploaded your configuration file, click Save. You can add as many configuration files as you wish. To edit the uploaded configuration files, click the pencil icon. Make the changes in the Edit Configuration File window and click Save. Each time you modify a configuration file, its version number under the Version column will increase by one.

Each time you modify a configuration file, the Force all associated policy updates icon will become activated next to it. Clicking on the icon will push any change made to the configuration file to all the devices that are currently using it and the devices will apply the changes accordingly.

To delete a configuration file, click the Remove this Configuration File button at the end of the row. You cannot delete or modify the default Windows and Mac Configuration File.

The password has now been moved from the configuration file and is used during the installation process. All previous configuration file passwords have been migrated to already existing policies. You have now successfully completed the setup of the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Integration.

Follow the steps below to deploy the Kaspersky agent to your endpoints and enable monitoring. Deploy the KES agent and enable monitoring Now that you have set up the integration with your license files s and configuration file s , you can use the power of Datto RMM to push out the Kaspersky Endpoint Security agent. Set up a Security Management Policy to push out KES to your devices and to raise alerts and tickets as per the criteria you set in the monitor details.

You can create the policy at either account or site level. For further information, refer to Create a Security Management policy. Selecting a device and clicking this button will allow you to run a security command on your device.

Click the Devices tab. Select one or more of your devices targeted by the security management policy, and click the KES Run Security Management Command button in the action bar.

The following commands will become available: The selected device needs to be targeted by a KES security management policy so that you can run a security management command on it. Command Description Activate Security Management Re-activates the site’s KES security management policy on the selected device s either by including the device s in the policy target again or by re-activating a disabled policy. This action will only take place if the selected device has previously been targeted by a KES policy.

Once you have selected a command, click OK and the requested action will be performed. Remove the required devices from the list of target devices. Make sure that the Uninstall KES from the devices that are removed from the list of target devices option is selected in the Security Management Install Options area.

Click Save and click Push changes. To learn how to see information and statistics about your devices with the KES agent installed, refer to Security Management. You can report on the latest value and status of your KES security management monitor by scheduling a Device Monitor Status report. You can also create a custom filter to search for devices with a specific security management status.

Refer to Filters.

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Kaspersky setup download

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