Mystic mountain brush pack

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Bob Ross Brush Pack – Mystic Mountain [Download]

mystic mountain brush pack

Canvas 12×16, 16×20 or 18×24 Nice to Have: Start by using the 1″ brush to cover the entire canvas with a thin, even coat of Liquid White. With long horizontal and vertical strokes, work back and forth to ensure an even distribution of paint on the canvas. Step 1 Sky Load the 1″ brush with Phthalo Blue and paint the sky with criss-cross strokes.

Add the water with long horizontal strokes. Then, use long horizontal strokes to blend the entire canvas. With the fan brush and circular strokes, paint the clouds with Titanium White. Blend out just the base of the clouds with a clean, dry 1″ brush, then use sweeping upward strokes to lightly blend and ‘fluff’ the clouds. Step 2 Underpainting the Mountain With firm pressure, shape just the top edge of the mountain with the knife and Mountain Mixture.

Then, use the knife to remove the excess paint. Use the 1″ brush to ‘pull’ the paint down toward the base, completing the entire mountain shape. Highlighting the Mountain With the knife and Titanium White, add snow to the right sides of the mountain peaks.

Paying close attention to angles, use so little pressure that the paint ‘breaks’. Step 3 Add snow to the shadowed sides of the peaks with a mixture of Titanium White and Phthalo Blue.

Tap the base of the mountain with the 1″ brush then gently lift upward to create the illusion of mist. With Titanium White on the 1″ brush, use circular strokes to add the clouds at the base of the mountain. Lightly blend with circular strokes. Holding the brush vertically, tap down to create the small trees at the base of the mountain. Use vertical strokes to reflect the color into the water, then lightly brush across. Cut in the water lines with a small roll of Liquid White on the knife.

Step 5 Evergreens The evergreen trees are made with the fan brush and Mountain Mixture. Load the brush to a chiseled edge, hold the brush vertically and touch the canvas to create the center line of the tree then use one corner of the brush to form the top branches. Working back and forth apply more pressure as you move down the tree, allowing the branches to become larger as you near the base.

Use Mountain Mixture on the 1″ brush to underpaint the grassy area at the base of the trees. Reverse the brush to reflect this dark tree color into the water. Use the 1″ brush to pull the reflections straight down, then lightly brush across.

Highlight the evergreens and grassy areas with the fan brush he leaf trees and bushes with 1″ brush using various mixtures of Yellow and Green, Crimson and Red. Be careful not to cover all of the dark base color. Again, reverse the brush to reflect the highlights into the water. Use the 1″ brush to pull down the reflections then lightly brush across. Use Van Dyke Brown on the knife to add the banks along the water’s edge. Be very careful of the angles here.

Add White to the Brown to highlight the banks with the knife, applying so little pressure that the paint ‘breaks’, creating the impression of small rocks and stones. With a small roll of Liquid White on the long edge of the knife, cut-in the water lines and ripples. Step 6 Using the dark tree mixture, underpaint the large foreground evergreens with the fan brush. Step 7 Underpaint the foreground leaf trees with the 1″ brush.

Again, working in layers, create individual trees and bushes; be very careful not to destroy all of your dark underpaint. Step 9 Path Use Van Dyke Brown on the knife to add the foreground path with short, horizontal strokes.

Highlight the path by adding White and Yellow to the Brown. Again, use so little pressure on the knife that the paint ‘breaks’. Step 10 Final Touches Use the point of the knife to scratch in small sticks and twigs. Then, use the liner brush and very thin paint to sign your painting with pride!

You are free to print this project from our website as long as it is for your personal painting use only and not for further copying or reproduction.

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Mystic mountain brush pack

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