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Pros Gets right to work: As soon as you open Express Burn Disc Burning Software Free, a pop-up nch dvd burner appears asking you what type of disc you want to burn. There are eight options, ranging from an audio CD to a Data Blu-ray disc. You can also type the name of the disc below the eight options.

Express Burn Disc Burning Software

nch dvd burner

Terms of use. The company clearly has got its SEO right, but how about its disc-burning software? It appears grouped with Internet Explorer windows in the taskbar, so apparently it uses IE as its shell app, rather than having its own window, as most programs do.

This would explain its very small installer file—a mere KB. The installer tries to get you to install a lot of other irrelevant things such as toolbars. It doesn’t add an option in the AutoPlay menus that pop up when you insert blank media, which isn’t helpful. And forget about niceties like a mini-interface and desktop gadget like you get with Ashampoo Burning Studio.

All this functionality is accessible from the Audio tab on the program’s main interface page. One thing I liked about NCH was that I could insert a whole folder of songs at once, while Ashampoo required me to insert the actual song files. Another thing I liked was that it converted m4a files for the MP3 disc. I could also set normalization, to prevent some tracks from being too loud. But it wasn’t clear where I could set the bitrate for my burned songs. Processing my test songs went quickly, but there was one problem: There was still another problem during the music-disc-creation process: The program hadn’t warned me that I’d added more songs than would fit on a standard CD.

So this is clearly a hardware-limited function, but at least it’s good to see that the software isn’t introducing any delays. I couldn’t readily choose the bitrate in NCH as I could in the other apps. Burning the ripped music to another CD took 6: Unhelpfully, track titles were not added automatically, as they were in the competition.

Another problem was that after ripping, I didn’t know where to look for the music files, so NCH’s tool is more about copying to another CD than having the music ripped to your PC. Percent-complete and remaining-estimated-time were shown along with the track number currently being burned. Video Authoring Only basic title and chapter themes were available at first, but the Check for new templates button got me up to a choice of eight templates with themes like Drama, Kids, Romantic, and Vacation.

Ashampoo Burning Studio offers significantly more themes. Encoding my test movie consisting of 4 clips to a 25GB 4x BD-RE disc took 7 minutes, while burning took 46 seconds and then another 2 minutes for verifying the burned disc 1: After all this, the disc only played the menu in my Panasonic Blu-ray player, even though all the video files had been burned. The same project in Ashampoo, with more sophisticated menus, took 5: The same project but targeted for a DVD 4.

During the processing NCH’s burn dialog showed elapsed and estimated time, but not for the finalizing process, which took as long as the rest of the processing. The result played correctly, though jerky and with occasional blocking artifacts.

NCH did let me use my own images for title and menu backgrounds, though. I could choose between 24fps progressive scan for a theatrical feel and interlaced 30fps, and set five levels of video quality, affecting the bitrate, from lowest to highest. NCH helpfully showed percent complete and estimated time remaining for each step. Speedy Burning NCH Express Burn Plus Video did live up to its name by accomplishing some tasks faster than the competition, but burning and ripping performance are largely limited by your drive and PC hardware, so it’s interface and features that count for more.

And Express Burn was somewhat lacking in both of these. More Utilities Software Reviews:

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Nch dvd burner

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