Remove avg pc tuneup 2013

However, these applications differ in the details. Remove avg pc tuneup 2013 version of Utilities includes the hard drive-cleaning TuneUp Disk Cleaner and Browser Cleanerwhich clears data traces from 25 different types of browsers. It also comes with TuneUp Live Optimization 2. Features Both AVG PC TuneUp and software included with TuneUp Utilities include the performance-saving Program Deactivator, the ability to disable startup programs, hard disk defragmenting and error-checking capabilities, and system startup and shutdown accelerators.

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remove avg pc tuneup 2013

It can help you remove junk files, uninstall unwanted programs from your computer and defragment the hard drive so as to improve your computer performance. However, it is not a free program, you can install it from the official website and use it during the trail period. If you want to uninstall it rightly, you can follow this article which provides some useful methods for you to uninstall AVG PC TuneUp This program claims that it can help you clean your system, fix computer problems, improve computer stability, extend battery life, free up hard drive space and it can generally make your computer maintaining a peak performance.

Some users complain that this program is hard to uninstall completely, now you can successfully remove AVG PC TuneUp according to the following methods. To avoid being caught in uninstalltion troubles, you had better refer the certificated method to uninstall it, like the methods taught in this article.

In order to be able to regularly uninstall this unnecessary program, you need to be sure that you are using the administrator account or you have know the administrator password before the uninstalltion. Turn off all the relevant programs that running in the background, you can check the system tray to close them. Because these programs running in the background would likely influence the uninstallation process.

Get into Control Panel For Windows 7 users: Select Uninstall a Program under the Programs section. Next, there will be a widow pop up on your computer. You can check all the programs currently installed on your computer in this list, then move your mouse pointer through the list to find out the program you want to delete. Wait until the uninstaller finished the whole uninstalltion. Select Programs and Features under the window of Control Panel.

Scroll your mouse pointer though the list to find out your target program. Double click the program icon and follow the uninstaller prompts to proceed. Next, the program will automatically remove your unwanted program. Wiping out of its registry entries. You need to remove this program registry entries after you uninstalled the program. To export the registry entries: You need to get into Registry Editor first and move on your next step.

You would see Registry Editor in the box, click to open it. Then, you would see a window of Registry Editor. Another window will pop up, and you need to find a location for your backup and choose All in the Export range, type a name for your backup in the box. Finally, click Save. For Windows 7 users: Click the icon to open the Registry Editor.

Find your target folder under the Software section, then click the folder and choose Delete option in the displayed bar. But, the registry entries about AVG TuneUp program are more than one folder, so you have to delete all folders about this program.

Click the Windows logo, then the screen will turn over to another window. Click the folder and select to delete it, then the registry entries will be removed completely and never to be restored. Next, delete all the related registry entries. Ok, now you can reboot your computer. Here, I recommend you use the following method to uninstall it. I usually use the Max uninstaller to uninstall those stubborn programs which cannot be removed by regular Windows uninstaller.

It is widely used around the world and it has gained great recognition from customers. Now, follow the step-by-step guides to uninstall it. Access to the official website and download Max uninstaller. Follow the offered message to install it on your computer. Click the Max uninstaller icon to open it. Wait a few seconds until all the programs are displayed in the box.

So, you just need to follow these steps to proceed. You can see all the folds and files and its registry entries in the box. Then press this button. If you met any problems during the uninstalltion process, please leave your comments or contact us.

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Why and When should you use that log? – if you have problem uninstalling AVG PC Tuneup ; – if you want a better and thorough uninstall of AVG PC. Are you unable to completely remove AVG PC Tuneup and TuneUp Utilities completely Last edited by Sax; 19th November at

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Also, we request you to uninstall Tuneup Utilities from control panel To continue using this, we have introduced AVG PC TuneUp which. Jeff, Please try removing your AVG PC Tune Up using the AVG PC Tune problem occurs on documents from either Office or when.

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Remove avg pc tuneup 2013

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