The free application offers unlimited voice and text searches, unlimited lyrics, and five free music recognition searches every soundhound infinity. The premium version of SoundHound, which offers unlimited music recognition searches, soundhound infinity now available in the Android Market as SoundHound Infinity. The free app soundhound infinity the SoundHound name; music fans needing more than five music recognition searches a month can easily follow the upgrade path that seamlessly links back to the Android Market where SoundHound Infinity can be downloaded. When the user upgrades, their bookmarks and song, artist, and lyric search history migrates from the free version into the premium version so they retain their SoundHound history. SoundHound makes it easy and fast for fans to search, discover and share music.

SoundHound ∞ – Music Discovery & Hands-Free Player

soundhound infinity

While the two apps do exactly the same thing — record a small snippet of music to identify the name of the song — the way they do it is very different. Each song identifier has its own way of delivering results, and they also differ as far as what you can do with those results. We decided to put the two apps to the test, using the iPad versions to see which one comes out on top.

Tag Limits vs. Advertising The first distinct difference between the two free apps is that Shazam [iTunes link] is ad-free whereas SoundHound [iTunes link] is not. So for the time being, Shazam wins on this point, and only with its iPad version. The fact that SoundHound has no intention of imposing a limit with its free version, makes it the winner in the long run. SoundHound shows the song title and artist, album cover and album release date.

Another big plus for Pandora users is the ability to launch a Pandora station directly from the tagged tracks. With more options, SoundHound clearly wins this point. Tag Charts Both apps have charts, with Shazam displaying the Top 10 most tagged tracks. SoundHound displays the Top 25 most tagged tracks, showing you which songs are getting hotter, and which are cooling down. SoundHound is also the clear winner on this point. Recently Tagged Tracks Both apps display the tracks that have recently been tagged by other users.

SoundHound uses a small running ticker at the bottom of the screen, beneath the charts. Tag History Both apps allow you to browse your tagging history. In Shazam, all tagged tracks are displayed in the sidebar on the left. In SoundHound, you can access your history from the menu in the sidebar on the left. Once again, SoundHound has gone the extra mile, keeping it ahead of Shazam on this point. Accuracy It would seem as though SoundHound is clearly the better app between the two, but when it came down to the most important test of all, tagging music, Shazam was more accurate.

With a live recording, Shazam identified it correctly, whereas SoundHound identified it as the recorded version. Several tries with different live songs yielded the same results. Of course as far as recorded songs are concerned, both apps yielded accurate results, and in most cases, SoundHound identified them with a much shorter recording than Shazam. You have to play the original recorded music in order to have it tagged.

Here are the best musical voice recognition tools to help you. Read More — but the results are hit and miss. Testing it out, we got the right track about one out of five times.

When it comes to accuracy, Shazam is the clear winner. Conclusion So how do you choose which song identifier is right for you? Shazam is the simpler app, perfect for people who simply want to tag a track and move on. SoundHound is better suited to music aficionados who want to get all the information related to the song, and possibly even discover some new music along the way. The app can also serve as a replacement to the native iPod app, giving you a way to access and play the music on your iPad.

The free, but limited, version of Shazam is available to iPhone, Android, Nokia and Blackberry users, and as a free unlimited app for iPad users. Which app do you prefer — Shazam or SoundHound? Let us know in the comments. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter!

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Music Discovery, Identification, & Voice-Controlled player. M+ downloads, billions of songs discovered. Hey, what song is that? SoundHound 8 makes it. Hey, what song is that? SoundHound makes it simple to identify music playing around you. Whether you’re in the car or out and about — open the app, hit the.

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