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Page 7: Registration If you purchased the packaged version of SoundToys Native Effects, please register your product by going to http: If you purchased the download version from the SoundToys web site, there is no need to register, as we have soundtoys native effects 4 done that for you. Page 8: Page 9 Harmonizing

SoundToys Native Effects V4

soundtoys native effects 4

As mentioned, Speed is no longer in the bundle. According to Soundtoys, you can contact support for an installer and authorization so that you can still access it if you need to. Soundtoys has also changed its copy-protection scheme for the better. In the past you had to authorize your Soundtoys plug-ins to an iLock dongle.

You can still do that, or you can authorize two different computers using the iLok software, but without a dongle. This is a positive development for those who have more than one computer that they use for music. On the rack One of the most significant additions to Soundtoys 5 is the Effect Rack plug-in.

To add an effect to the rack, take one out, or change the order of the effects, you simply drag and drop. You can also drag effects around inside the rack to change their order.

If you drag an effect on top of another that’s already in the rack, it will replace it. When sitting in the rack, each effect has a button that lets you turn it on or off or solo it. My only issue with the Effects Rack is that it feels a little tight, space wise. At the top of the rack sits a permanent module called the Control Panel, which houses a variety of global controls. You also get Input, Output and Mix controls, as well as a knob called Recycle, which lets you bring in a copy of your signal back into the mix.

This can be used to create flanging effects, and even add more complexity to the sound of certain effects such as Crystallizer. The Buttons on the right let you adjust the size of the rack to either the fixed sizes Small and Full, or the responsive setting of Auto.

Finally, you get a button to hide or show the gear. The Effect Rack makes it a lot faster and easier to experiment with different combinations and effects orders of the Soundtoys plug-ins, and encourages even more creative uses of them. In the case of Little AlterBoy , the issue is latency, because that plug-in adds quite a bit, and it would be tricky to integrate that with other plug-ins inside the Effect Rack.

Primal Tap is a stereo delay processor, but hardly a typical one. It offers linked or independent control of the delay times for the two channels: A and B, which can be synced to the DAW tempo or adjusted freely. The Multiply feature is particularly cool. Its based on the feature in the original Lexicon unit, which extended delay time. Due to the limits in digital technology at that time, the Lexicon unit was designed to compensate for increasing the delay time by lowering the sampling rate of the delayed signal.

Turning on the Freeze button lets you capture and loop a short section of the delayed audio for as long as the button is left on. The level of looped audio that you hear is based on the setting of the Mix slider. The combination of the Multiply setting and delay time settings govern the length of the loops. The possibilities are pretty wide-ranging for creative experimentation, and changes to the Multiply knob can be automated. The Feedback section does more than just let you increase the amount of taps.

Cranking it up adds saturation that is quite warm sounding, and very useful. The higher the setting, the more saturation. You can use it for everything from subtle chorusing to really whacked-out pitch-bent notes.

Primal Tap has a Tweak menu many Soundtoys plug-ins have Tweak menus that let you change the internal parameters of a plug-in that lets you change several parameters including delay algorithms. You can switch from the default Classic Mode algorithm, where the A and B delay outputs are combined and routed back into the inputs, to such choices as Criss-Cross, Ping-Pong, Series, Parallel and Reverb, all of which give you different routings that cause different delay behavior.

You get three Mode choices: Transpose, Quantize, and Robot. Transpose is standard pitch shifting, Quantize gives you the hard-tune effect, and Robot keeps the pitch shifted note at a constant pitch, depending on your Pitch knob settings. Despite that simple control set, Little AlterBoy is capable of a lot of different pitch and harmony effects.

Using the Mix control to adjust the level of the harmony voice, you can create octave up or down doubles, and standard harmonies when in Transpose mode. Robot mode is useful for more than just special effects.

It can freeze the transposed note, turning it into a pedal tone that the melody moves against. It may not have a ton of adjustable parameters, but Little AlterBoy is a very powerful plug-in for processing vocals. To hear examples of Primal Tap, Little AlterBoy and other Sountoys 5 plug-ins, check out the video at the end of this story.

That along with the existing Groove control make Tremolator capable of a lot more than just surf rock guitar settings although it does great at those too. You can get some pretty unusual patterns from it. Soundtoys also added extra delay time to Crystallizer and EchoBoy, and redesigned the Tweak menus.

According to Soundtoys, your v. The company suggests that you read this page on their support site for more details. According to Soundtoys, its best to go to your online account at their site in order to check what your upgrade price is. If you have the Native Effects 4 bundle, I recommend the upgrade highly, as you get quite a few more plug-ins including all of the ones released after the v4 bundle came out, including Primal Tap, Little AlterBoy, and Devil-Loc Deluxe , to name a few.

I’m betting that you will decide “Yes.

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Buy SoundToys SoundToys Native Effects Plug-In Bundle featuring 8 Effects high-pass, band-pass and band-reject, as well as 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-pole filters. The Ultimate Effects Solution. All 21 Soundtoys plug-ins including Decapitator, EchoBoy, Little Plate, Little AlterBoy and the bundle-exclusive Effect Rack.

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We no longer support or release updates for version 4 products. Pro Tools 11 ( Mac & PC) as bit AAX Native. Soundtoys audio effects bring color, character , and creativity to your digital music studio with plug-ins that. SoundToys – Native Effects V4 This suite has now mutated into its fourth incarnation while maintaining its price point at $, which promises.

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Soundtoys native effects 4

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