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How to find which system apk remover apps are safe to uninstall, and remove them June 17, – 2: From Samsung creating their own bloatware-packed TouchWiz UI to network carriers packing their share of adware apps and third-party services with the devices they shipped out, Android users repeatedly grew sick and tired of these bloatware apps ruining their mobile user experience. Over the years, after a significant pushback by the Android community and legal altercations involved, bloatware on Android devices has either been significantly reduced, or they have been made removable by being removed from the list of System apk remover Apps on the device. However, there still are Android OEMs that are system apk remover of pushing forward their own version of certain apps for notetakinginternet browser, music player and so many more that are less than stellar.

System app remover Android

system apk remover

They are referred to as bloatware because you never use them, yet they take up space on the device. Removing these apps on your device is not easy. The only way to effectively remove the apps is to root the device and then use one of the following bloatware remover APKs to uninstall the apps.

Please note that these apps will only work if the device is rooted. System App Remover System App Remover is a free bloatware removal app that is also quite easy to use. The app has a function that also allows you to see the app details.

You can do that by long-pressing on an app listing. This is particularly advantageous when you are unsure if an app is useful or not. Cons It comes with a lot of ads App details are not fully explanatory and may, therefore, confuse the user more than they help.

Root Uninstaller Root Uninstaller is another bloatware removal app that can perform a number of additional functions including clear cache on the device. You can use the free version that is limited in its functionality or purchase the premium version for additional features.

Its many functions make it less ideal for someone who just needs bloatware remover and may end up undermining the device’s performance. Root App Deleter The Root App Deleter will give you the option to either disable an app or completely remove it from the device. It does that by giving users the option to choose between the Pro or the Junior option. When you first open the app, you will be presented with this choice even before you see a listing of the apps you can delete.

Pros The Junior option gives you a safe solution that may come in handy if you are not sure you want to delete an app. The Pro version allows you to delete one app or a set of apps. The apps you can delete are listed in groups to make it easier to determine which apps can be deleted. Cons You may accidentally delete some components that you may be unable to get back since it is not as easy to use.

The free or Junor option is limited in functionality. For instance, you can’t use it to delete multiple apps. NoBloat Free It is one of the most popular bloatware remover apps for a reason; it is very easy to use. With NoBloat, all you have to do to permanently remove bloatware from your device is locate the system apps list and tap on an app.

You can then choose either to disable, backup and delete or delete the app without backup. Pros NoBloat free version is still quite useful. App listing is clear so you are aware of the type of app you are deleting.

You can back up an app before deleting it which may come in handy when you need it later. Cons With the free version, you can only delete one app at a time which may not be ideal if you have too many apps. NoBloat free comes with ads you may find annoying. Debloater Debloater is different from all the others on this list in that it is not installed on the device. Instead, you install it on your computer and connect the Android device to use it.

Once installed, the program is quite easy to use. You just need to connect the Android device and disable or remove apps from the list of apps that appears. Pros It can be sued to disable, block or even remove apps from your device While your device does not need to be rooted, it will work so much better if it is You can disable or block multiple apps on the device at the same time Cons Devices running anything other than KitKat and above need to be rooted In very rare circumstances, it may fail to recognize the device How to Root your Android Before Getting Started For bloatware removal to be both easy and successful, you will need to root the device.

Rooting an Android device may seem like a difficult and involved process. But only because most people go about the rooting process the wrong way or with the wrong tool.

The best way to root your Android device is to use dr. The following are just some of the reasons why: With over Android devices supported, you can be sure dr. It has the highest success rate of any rooting process in the industry.

Start Download 5,, people have downloaded it Before we use dr. They include the following: Begin by backing up all the data on your device. Ensure that the battery is fully charged. Install the necessary drivers both on the device and the computer you will be using. Find a suitable rooting method and learn how to use it. Ensure you also understand how to unroot the device just in case you need to. Disable the antivirus or firewall on your computer to avoid interrupting the process.

Step 1: For devices running Android 4. Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: A pop-up message may appear on your device, asking you to confirm the rooting process.

Removing bloatware from your Android device is one of the best things you can do for your device’s performance. With dr.

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Download System App Remover [ROOT] apk for Android. Simple, fast and easy way to Uninstall system default apps. System App Remover is a tool that lets you uninstall any system app (the ones that come installed by default). The only requirement is to have a rooted device.

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One of the most annoying parts of getting a new smartphone is removing all the unnecessary system apps from your home page. System App Remover wants to . Download System app remover APK v With System App Remover, the user can now not only remove apps from system but also can have.

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System apk remover

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