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My Text The free typing lessons supply the complete “How to type” package. Animated keyboard layout and the typing tutor graphic hands are used to correct mis-typing by showing the right way to type for your learning and practice experience. Lessons’ typing master key gradually typing master key as it starts from only 2 characters and ends with the entire keyboard. When the lesson ends, you can learn a lot from the practice trends:

Typing Master Pro 7.1 Product key and registration(Typing master crack)

typing master key

Entering Licenses 1. Introduction Welcome to TypingMaster Pro. This powerful typing tutor will help you improve your typing substantially whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional. TypingMaster has many courses that will satisfy your changing needs as your skills and speed improve. The complete touch typing course will teach you the touch typing technique starting with the basics and advancing step-by-step using examples, word drills and games to get you familiar with your keyboard.

TypingMaster Pro also offers a Speed Building course to help you hone your typing skills once you have the basics covered. This is also good for experienced typists looking to keep their skill level up. Courses to practice the numbers, special character keys and the numeric keypad are also included. Also included is the dynamic Review section and the TypingMaster Pro Satellite, which monitors your typing progress while you are using other programs such as email and word processor.

These tools monitor your typing and create customized training to suit your individual needs. Due to the advanced typing analysis of these tools they will help improve your typing long after you have finished with the courses.

This manual will help you get TypingMaster Pro installed and running on your system. All of the features in TypingMaster Pro and the Satellite are also explained. Please read this manual carefully before installing TypingMaster Pro on your computer.

This will ensure a trouble free installation and an easy startup. You will also know how to take advantage of all the features TypingMaster Pro has to offer. If you purchase the program with electronic delivery, you will not receive a CD with your purchase. Instead, after your purchase a key will be sent that will unlock the demonstration version of TypingMaster making it a fully functional product with all the lessons enabled.

Therefore, in order to install TypingMaster Pro you will need a connection to the Internet to download the demonstration version of TypingMaster Pro or at least know someone who has a connection and an email address where the license information will be sent.

This section will explain the necessary steps to download TypingMaster Pro and get it installed on your computer. If you have purchased the program on a CD, you can skip the Downloading portion of the instructions. The rest of the installation instructions apply to both forms of delivery. Click on this address to start downloading. If this download link does not work, you can go to the TypingMaster Pro download page, which is located at: In this page you will find the download link for TypingMaster Pro.

If you get a popup window asking you whether you wish to save the program to disk or run it from the current location, select saving and click on ‘OK’. This will allow you to select a location on your hard disk where the setup package will be saved. We recommend saving the setup package to your Desktop, this way you will be able to start the installation program directly from your Desktop. When you select ‘Save’ the download will begin.

The size of the installation package is around 3. If you are using a modem, please reserve adequate time for the download process. The estimated download time with a 56K modem is around 10 minutes.

If you are experiencing trouble with downloading or download speeds are considerably lower than your connection to the Internet, please cancel the download and click on the download link again. Clicking on the download link will direct your browser to retrieve the installation from one of three servers.

This is used to even out the server load. At times a server may be busy and downloading from another server will be quicker. Also try downloading during off peak hours, this will ensure that the servers are not under a heavy load during your download.

After this, the program will copy all necessary files to your installation folder and create shortcuts to the Start -menu. In this section we will go through the different choices you will have that affect the installation of TypingMaster Pro. If you are installing the program into a network, for example at a school or company, please refer to the Network Installation Manual for detailed installation information.

Please exit all programs before starting the setup program. Other programs running in the background may have an adverse effect on the installation.

Please print this section of the manual if you wish to see the instructions when installing. If you do not want to print this section, read through the instructions before installing.

This will give you an idea of the choices you will make during installation. The instructions are organized into a list where a section represents a screen from the setup program The install program will start by asking you to close all running programs.

If you do not have any other programs running select ‘Next’ to continue. Otherwise, select ‘Cancel’ and close all other programs and restart the setup program. You will be presented with the License Agreement. Please read through this agreement carefully before accepting its terms. It’s always a good idea to know what you are getting into: If you select ‘I do not accept the agreement’ the setup program will abort. Now you can specify the folder where TypingMaster will be installed.

The default folder is C: If you are unsure of where to install TypingMaster select ‘Next’ since the default folder works best with most computer setups. Now you will be asked which type of setup you wish to install on your computer. The choices you make here affect what components will be installed to your computer. The following table will describe each of the setup options and the components that will be installed with each option.

Please select the option that is the most appropriate for you and click on ‘Next’. This is the recommended setup for most users and this manual assumes you select this option. Note that Satellite is not included with this install as using the Satellite in a network environment, especially schools, is not recommended. If you select this option please see the Network Installation Manual and Teaching Manual available online at the following address: For example you may not want to use the Satellite so you could uncheck it, or you may want to try the Study Material Editor to edit the course material.

This option is for advanced users only. Please see the Network Installation Manual if you choose this option, it is available online at: The default folder is TypingMaster. If you are satisfied with this, select ‘Next’ and the setup program will create a TypingMaster folder under Programs in the Start -menu. If you wish to have the program icons in another folder, you can select an existing folder from the list or type in a name of your own in the ‘Program Folders’ field. When you have made your selection, select ‘Next’.

Now, you will be presented with the choices you have made. If you are satisfied with these choices select ‘Next’. If you wish to change some of your choices, you can return to your previous selections by selecting ‘Back’ until you reach the desired screen.

The install program will now copy the program files to the installation folder you have selected and shortcuts to the Start -menu will be created.

An icon will also be created on your Desktop. Changes and improvements are constantly being made to TypingMaster Pro. When you have made your selections, click on ‘Finish’ to end the setup program. If you experience any difficulties with the installation, please visit www.

The support pages contain the latest information and FAQs that will guide you with installation. To start the program just either double click on the TypingMaster icon on your Desktop or click on the Start -button and go to Programs. Here you will find the TypingMaster folder which contains the program and manuals.

Please click on ‘TypingMaster Pro’ to start the program. Since many people can be using TypingMaster on one computer or computer network, TypingMaster Pro has user names to distinguish between users.

All your user information will be stored under this user name. When you start TypingMaster Pro with your user name, you can continue practicing from where you left off before. The login screen consists of a ‘User name’ field where you will enter your user name.

If there are many users from the same computer, you can also select your user name from the drop-down menu by clicking on the arrow at the end of this field. This option can be disabled by a network administrator for security reasons. If you are using TypingMaster Pro on a network and the administrator has opted to use password protection, a ‘Password’ field is also shown. After entering or selecting your user name you can start the program by selecting ‘Enter’.

If you want to make a new user account please select the option ‘I am a new user If you enter a new name to the ‘User name’ field and select ‘Enter’, the program will ask whether you are a new user. If you answer ‘Yes’ the program will start with the user name you typed in.

TypingMaster Pro supports special characters in user names. This means that you can use special characters such as dash and period in your user name and the program will recognize them correctly. However, in general it’s a good idea to give your user name in ‘Firstname Lastname’ format or if you are working with a large user base ‘Lastname Firstname’ format.

Also the standard X button in the window frame can be used to exit the program. When you exit TypingMaster Pro your current settings and studying information is saved, so that when you start the program again, you can continue from where you previously left off. Please note that only completed exercises are saved. If you are in the middle of an exercise when exiting, the specific exercise information is not saved.

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Typing master key

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