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How To Recover WiFi Password From Android Phone 2019 (Crack WiFi)

wifi cracker for android free download

Some of us succeed in doing that, some of us fail. You will find dozens of apps, software, and tools on the Internet which claim to hack Wifi Networks in seconds. But let me tell you the truth, most of these apps and tools are merely pranks. All you need is the right tool, right guidance, and a working method. We will provide you all three in this post. Root your phone Recommended, although not necessary.

Good Wifi network strength. Few applications that we are going to mention below. All the methods provided below are for educational purpose only.

You must know how to hack a Wifi in order to protect yourself from others and take necessary measures. But here is a bad news. Monitor mode gives you information about all the traffic that is going through a network. It also tells about how many devices are connected to that network. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have monitor mode on your Android Device due to hardware limitations some researchers have accomplished this but that is out of the scope of this article.

If you want to hack into a WPS Secured Wifi Network given below are some of the apps that can help you accomplish that. If it detects any WPS Enabled Network you can simply click on it and all the information related to that network will be in front of you. Step 1: Step 2: The app will start scanning the neighboring Wifi Networks. After scanning it will show you all the Wifi Networks present near you.

Step 3: Step 4: Wait for the app to complete the process. It might take a while. Step 5: Keep trying different PINs until it matches. If you are lucky and the PIN you selected matches with the WiFi Router then the app will provide you with the Wifi network name and password. You can use this to connect to the WiFi network. You can even add your own custom dictionary if you like. Launch the app and select the Wifi Network you want to hack. Then you will get the option to select the type of hack you want to execute.

You can choose either Brute force or dictionary attack. If you want to execute the dictionary attack you will need to add your own custom dictionary.

Remember, the minimum length for a Wifi Password is 8 characters. Any passphrase below 8 characters will be ignored in the process. Start the hacking process. It might take a long time depending on the dictionary you provided, your processor speed etc.

So, be patient. So, that was another way of hacking a Wifi Network using your Android Device. Things that you will need A Laptop or a PC with a wireless network adapter. Good network strength. You can even hack Wifi using Windows PC. But its just going to be the GUI Version of what we are going to show you here. So, it will be easy for you to replicate our methods. In this method, you will make the owner of the website themselves give you the password of their WiFi Router. Now we have the passphrase of the WiFi Network that we want to hack.

So, how to execute this method? Turn on your laptop with Linux Distro installed in it. If you still get remaining dependencies error then install the dependencies manually. Now select the language. The first thing that we want to do is capture a handshake. So, choose the 2nd option Handshake Snooper. Step 6: Step 7: A window will open which will scan for all the nearby WiFi Networks.

After that, choose the WiFi Network that you want to hack by entering the corresponding number. Step 8: Select your Wireless Network Adapter again. After that, choose the 3rd option mdk3 authentication. Now, choose the 2nd option aircrack-ng verification.

Step 9: Now, choose the 1st option Every 30 seconds and then choose the 2nd option Synchronously. The tool will now try to capture a handshake. Leave it for some time as it may take a while. Step Close all the windows except the terminal and choose option 1 Select Another Attack. This time, choose the 1st option Captive Portal. Now, choose the 1st option Rogue AP and then select the 1st option Use hash found. Choose the 2nd option aircrack-ng verification. After that, choose the option 1 disconnected.

Now, choose the type of router that you want to hack. You can also choose the language in which you want to create a portal where the victim will enter the passphrase. The Fluxion AP Jammer service will start.

You have successfully hacked your first WiFi Network. How to protect your own Wifi from being hacked By looking at the methods provided above you can definitely understand how easy it has become for hackers to hack your Wifi.

Hackers can hack into your WiFi and can do illegal stuff online. We have mentioned some of the security measures that you should take in order to protect yourself from being hacked. Even adding a single digit more to the preshared key will make it way tougher for hackers to brute force their way into your WiFi Network. Say goodbye to WEP Security: Change the Router Login password: I hope you found this post helpful. This content is for educational purpose only. Hacking can be fun but only if done in the right manner.

Stay tuned for more such tech-related articles. Thanks for reading. Search for:

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