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Download Windows 10 Full Free (ISO 32-64 Bit) 2019: Install Windows 10

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Instant Run Push code and resource changes to your app running on a device or emulator and see the changes instantly come to life. Instant Run dramatically speeds up your edit, build, and run cycles, keeping you “in the flow. Android Studio is built on IntelliJ and is capable of advanced code completion, refactoring, and code analysis.

Fast and feature-rich emulator Install and run your apps faster than with a physical device and test your app on virtually any Android device configuration: The new Android Emulator 2. Robust and flexible build system Easily configure your project to include code libraries and generate multiple build variants from a single project.

With Gradle, Android Studio offers high-performance build automation, robust dependency management, and customizable build configurations. What’s New: Android Studio 3. Navigation Editor The Navigation Editor lets you quickly visualize and build navigation into your app by using the Navigation Architecture Component.

The Delete Unused Android Studio Directories dialog then displays locations, sizes, and last-modified times of these unused directories and provides an option to delete them. The directories Android Studio considers for deletion are listed below: Create New Project wizard The Create New Project wizard has a new look and contains updates that help streamline the creation of new Android Studio projects.

Improved performance Based on user feedback, rendering performance while using the profilers has been greatly improved. Please continue toprovide feedback, especially if you continue to see performance issues. Profiler memory allocation tracking options To improve app performance while profiling, the Memory Profiler now samples memory allocations periodically by default.

If desired, you can change this behavior by using the Allocation Tracking dropdown when testing on devices running Android 8. Using the Allocation Tracking dropdown, you can choose from the following modes: Note that if you have an app that allocates a lot of objects, you might see significant performance issues while profiling. This is the default behavior and has less impact on app performance while profiling.

You might encounter some performance issues with apps that allocate a lot of objects within a short time period. If not already selected, this mode is enabled automatically while taking a CPU recording and then returned to the previous setting when the recording is finished. You can change this behavior in the CPU recording configuration dialog. The tracking affects both Java objects and JNI references.

This data might be useful when investigating bottlenecks that cause UI jank and low framerates. For example, each frame that takes longer than the 16ms required to maintain a smooth framerate is displayed in red. To see frame rendering data, record a trace using a configuration that allows you to Trace System Calls. After recording the trace, look for info about each frame along the timeline for the recording under the section called FRAMES, as shown below.

Fragments in the event timeline The event timeline now shows when fragments are attached and detached. Additionally, when you hover over a fragment, a tooltip shows you the fragment status. View formatted text for connection payloads in the Network profiler Previously, the Network profiler displayed only raw text from connection payloads. In the Response and Request tabs, click the View Parsedlink to display formatted text, and click the View Source link to display raw text.

Support for Clang-Tidy Android Studio now includes support for static code analysis using Clang-Tidy for projects that include native code. Exceptions Support -fexceptions Runtime Type Information Support -ftti The respective behaviors are enabled for all projects created through Android Studio. CMake version 3. Note that Gradle still uses version 3.

Previous version: This update to Android Studio 3. The bundled Kotlin version is now 1. The default build tools version is now In the Navigation library, argument types have been renamed from type to argType. The following bugs have been fixed: When using the Data Binding library, variable names with underscores were causing compilation errors.

Adding a SliceProvider was causing compilation errors in projects that did not use androidx. Some Kotlin unit tests were not being run. These issues have been resolved in Android Studio 3. We strongly recommend against using Kotlin version 1. Kotlin version 1.

Kotlin versions 1. Although you typically don’t need to specify the build tools version, when using Android Gradle plugin 3.

We strongly recommend against updating to Kotlin 1. Android Studio includes a version of Kotlin 1. Kotlin 1. The assistant opens when you start Android Studio after a fresh installation or update if it detects that there is new information to show.

Android Jetpack Android Jetpack helps to accelerate Android development with components, tools, and guidance that eliminate repetitive tasks and enable you to more quickly and easily build high-quality, testable apps. Android Studio includes the following updates to support Jetpack. For more information, see the Jetpack documentation. Navigation Editor The new Navigation Editor integrates with the navigation components of Android Jetpack to provide a graphical view for creating the navigation structure of your app.

The Navigation Editor simplifies the design and implementation of navigation between in-app destinations. In Android Studio 3. AndroidX migration As part of Jetpack, we are migrating the Android Support Libraries to a new Android extension library using the androidx namespace. For more information, see the AndroidX overview.

If you have any Maven dependencies that have not migrated to the AndroidX namespace, the Android Studio build system also automatically converts those project dependencies. The Android Gradle plugin provides the following global flags that you can set in your gradle. When set to true, this flag indicates that you want to start using AndroidX from now on. If the flag is absent, Android Studio behaves as if the flag were set to false.

When set to true, this flag indicates that you want to have tool support from the Android Gradle plugin to automatically convert existing third-party libraries as if they were written for AndroidX. Both flags are set to true when you use the Migrate to AndroidX command.

If you want to start using AndroidX libraries immediately and don’t need to convert existing third-party libraries, you can set the android. You no longer need to build, sign, and manage multiple APKs, and users get smaller, more optimized downloads. Additionally, you can add dynamic feature modules to your app project and include them in your app bundle. Sample data in Layout Editor Many Android layouts have runtime data that can make it difficult to visualize the look and feel of a layout during the design stage of app development.

You can now easily see a preview of your view in the Layout Editor filled with sample data. When you add a view, a button appears below the view in the Design window. Click this button to set the design-time view attributes. You can choose from a variety of sample data templates and specify the number of sample items with which to populate the view.

To try using sample data, add a RecyclerView to a new layout, click the design-time attributes button below the view, and choose a selection from the carousel of sample data templates. Slices Slices provide a new way to embed portions of your app’s functionality in other user interface surfaces on Android.

For example, Slices make it possible to show app functionality and content in Google Search suggestions. Known issues: The bundled Kotlin is now version 1. R8 parsing of ProGuard rules has been improved. Attempting to run the Kotlin Main class failed with an error: Could not find or load main class Using the Rerun failed tests command in the Run window sometimes incorrectly returned the message “No tests were found”. D8 did not correctly handle invoke-virtual instances, causing a crash with a VerifyError: The compiler now uses tools annotations from the base project when available.

Android Studio crashed during fragment transitions when using profilers. The debugger crashed when debugging a layout with a text box. D8 failed to read some ZIP files with special characters. Memory leaks caused Android Studio to become slow and unresponsive after you had been using the Layout Editor. This update includes fixes for most of these issues.

We intend to release another update soon to address additional memory leaks. Some applications built with D8 crashed on some Verizon Ellipsis tablets. Some applications that used the OkHttp library and were built with D8 crashed on devices running Android 4. Android Studio sometimes failed to start, with a ProcessCanceledException during class initialization forcom. SQL syntax highlighting now works. You can right-click a table name in SQL and rename it, which also rewrites the corresponding Java or Kotlin code including, for example, the return type of the query.

Renaming works in the other direction, too, so renaming a Java class or field rewrites the corresponding SQL code.

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