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Despite pleas from users to stop the confusion and craft windows 7 all edition version of Windows 7Microsoft is continuing down the path it followed with XP and Vista releasing multiple versions or SKUs stock-keeping units of Windows 7. Six Windows 7 versions, to be precise. But most users only need to decide between two versions. Microsoft has said that 80 percent of users will be windows 7 all edition Windows 7 Home Premium consumers or Windows 7 Professional small businesses, remote workers.

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windows 7 all edition

Twitter Advertisement Since the late 20th century the market for personal computers has been growing and developing rapidly. The sudden diversity among customers and their increasingly differential demands created a need for specialized operating systems. With its introduction of Windows , Microsoft started to release its operating systems in multiple editions. On the one hand this united previously diverse products under one hat and simplified marketing.

On the other hand different groups of users were accommodated. Windows 7 comes in six different flavors. In this article I have briefly reviewed the features of each edition. I have also made recommendations as to which version you should get, depending on the user group you belong to.

Starter This is the most basic Windows 7 edition. Since Windows 7 Starter supports less features than any other edition, it requires less system resources. It is typically found pre-installed on netbooks. Aero theme not changeable: It was designed for emerging markets and forms an intermediate between Starter and Home Premium. Due to a geographical activation restriction, it can only be activated in countries where it is sold. Home Premium This is the standard edition of Windows 7. It was specifically outfitted to satisfy home users.

Windows Aero theme, Windows Media Center, premium games unlimited: It puts minor limits on networking and lacks backup and security features, which can however be complemented by additional software.

There is no need to spend extra cash on one of the following editions, unless you must have one of its additional features. Professional The Professional edition was designed to be used in a work environment. Its additional features compared to Home Premium are not typically required in a home environment.

The Professional Backup and Restore Center for example supports backup to a home or business network. Location Aware Printing, Remote Desktop Host, Presentation Mode You should invest in Windows 7 Professional if you frequently work from your laptop in different locations, use your computer to give presentations, must access your home computer via remote desktop, have multiple computers, or need to manage a network.

Enterprise The Enterprise edition is not available to home users. This edition comes with several SA-only benefits, including license rights for network booting of Windows or running up to four additional Windows copies on virtual machines.

Microsoft support for this product will continue until They can decrease the freedom each user has, while on the other hand making it easier to work from anywhere in the world.

AppLocker for example is a tool through which an administrator can specify which software is allowed to run on centrally managed user PCs.

DirectAccess replaces the need to log into your company network via VPN. A full review of these additional Enterprise and Ultimate features can be found in this Microsoft article: Unique technology for enterprise customers. Ultimate Windows 7 Ultimate has all the features of the Enterprise edition and no benefits or further extras. The difference is that individual licenses are available to home users.

Microsoft support for this edition is scheduled to expire in PC World has created a thorough graphical chart comparing all editions of Windows 7. You may also want to check out this article by Mahendra: We help you choose the version that is right for you. Read More I hope you now have a better idea of what each Windows 7 edition was designed for and which one is right for you. Have you had the chance to work with different Windows 7 editions already?

What are your experiences so far with them?

Windows 7 Ultimate 32/64 bit ISO Technical Details

Here is the Windows 7 All in one ISO Free Download in a direct link is available to the users of Softlay. It includes all Six Windows 7 Editions. Windows 7 All in one ISO Free Download has a collection of all Windows 7 OS editions released by the Microsoft, which are as follow: Windows 7 AIO 32 / 64 Bit ISO Sep Technical Setup Details: Software Full Name: Windows 7 AIO 32 / 64 Bit ISO Sep

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Windows 7 Professional, often referred to as Windows 7 Pro, contains all the features available in Windows 7 Home Premium, plus Windows. Download genuine untouched Windows 7 all in one official ISO with SP1 free and safely. This ISO contains all the six editions of Windows 7.

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Windows 7 all edition

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