Windows xp won t accept product key

My CD key or unique identification doesn’t work Updated: This document is for users having trouble entering their CD key, product key, or unique identification and not for users who have lost their unique identification number. The unique identification number or CD key that comes included with the software or your computer should always work. However, there are different reasons that can cause the number not to work, as mentioned below. Entering the wrong code If you are installing Windows and the code you are entering is not working, make sure it is the correct windows xp won t accept product key.

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windows xp won t accept product key

Sign in to vote For the past 7 months I’ve been running a small computer repair operation out of my house to make a little extra money. So far it’s been hassle free. Reported a few pirated keys, a shifty Kijiji ad, and fixed everyone’s computer along the way. Well, during the set up progress it wouldn’t accept the Product Key from the side of the tower so I figured “Well maybe it’s because it can’t connect to the internet because I use a Belkin Basic Wireless USB adapter for the PCs I fix so I went through the rest of the install without a hitch.

Installed the adapter and went to activate Windows using the key and it says that it cannot validate and “activate by telephone” so went through that crazy process of reading off the numbers and it tells me the Product Key isn’t genuine So just out of curiosity I used a known pirate key and it said to activate by phone again.

Did the crazy number reading and, go figure, it validates. Went to the WGA site and it said it wasn’t genuine, naturally. So I reinstalled Windows again without a key and tried the process again with the genuine code and still received the same message to “Activate by Telephone”. This person is dead set on keeping this product key, and this version of Windows.

So, any suggestions? I’ve tried everything I could imagine to no avail. Figured actual Microsoft Reps may be able to help me. I refuse to pay HP for a couple of recovery disc. Also, on a side note. I recently bought an XPS M used off a customer who was planning on throwing it out. However, the sticker is ripped and a small portion of the code is missing. If you think you can help me, I’ll message you with the portion of the code I have. There are exactly 4 characters missing, and I can even provide a picture of the sticker if you need.

Since I want my repair business to be taken seriously, I wanted to be absolutely genuine. Saturday, May 7, 8:

Using the wrong character

So I go to do a clean install of Windows XP using the same product key that it was using before and it rejects it, says its not a valid product key. However, now when I try and register I get the message that the product key is invalid. Does anyone know how I can get hold of Microsoft to speak to someone to get To make it accept OEM keys, go to HKLM\SYSTEM\Setup\Pid and change . has 80 gb and it said invalid code the code is on the computer it wont let me.

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Well, during the set up progress it wouldn’t accept the Product Key from the side of the tower so I figured “Well maybe it’s because it can’t. Win XP will not accept product key – posted in Windows XP Home and This system comes with HP branded Windows XP install disk and a restore observation is commonly called cynicism by those who haven’t got it.

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Windows xp won t accept product key

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