How to Crop Videos in Filmora To crop a video in Filmora first of all import your media files into the timeline. Then wondershare zoom the file and click on the Crop wondershare zoom. Click on Crop tool to crop a video When you will click on crop tool then a prompt will appear on the screen. Constrain tell us that in which format you want to crop your video. These options are just shortcutting you can also do custom cropping by selecting the custom tool.

How to Zoom in Video After It’s Recorded or Saved

wondershare zoom

It’s a powerful video editor that comes complete with all common video editing tools, along with an array of video effects, transitions, titles and various options to share your creations.

You may also like: Option 1 is to click “Import” on the primary windows and select files from your computer. Option 2 is to directly drag and drop files to the media library. Then, you’ll see your videos on the screen.

Any further editing won’t change your original files. Next, drag videos from the media library to the video track on Timeline. Or you can select the video in the timeline and click on the Crop and Zoom icon in the toolbar to enter the Crop and Zoom interface.

You’ll find a “Crop” button in the middle of screen. Click it to open the editing window to zoom in videos by cropping unnecessary part. To help you crop and zoom in video quickly and easily, you can manually select the crop area to make a zoom effect in the original video, or keep the zoom in area in Drag the marquee to the target position in the original preview window.

Note that you should select a corresponding aspect radio when exporting if you have chosen a radio here. Otherwise, black bar will be added. For example, you’ve zoomed in on video to You will see a start and an end rectangle on the window. The default start and end settings will zoom in the video slowly and slightly to the center. To change the section of the video that appears at the start of the effect, select the Start rectangle to adjust the crop size and drag it on the window to get target position.

And click the OK button to save the Pan and Zoom effect. When the preview is good, click Export and a dialog as below will appear. Here you can export video in any popular formats on the local computer by choosing “Format”. If you want to play video creation on iPod, iPhone, iPad, click “Device” and select the thumbnail of your devices.

Zoom in video tips: However, with the help with application like Wondershare Filmora9, you can effortlessly zoom in iPhone videos. As described in this article, you can import iPhone 4 video to Wondershare Filmora9 and zoom in video at your pleasure. Make sure the aspect ratio of the zoom-in video is the same with that of the selected output format.

Note that the quality of zoom-in video depends on the chosen output format to some extent. For example, you have selected small dimensions, but output as large dimensions of video, the quality would not be good. In such case, smaller output dimensions are recommended. Watch the video below to check how to edit video with Filmora.

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Want to zoom in video on sections of interest after it’s been recorded? Here shows you how to zoom in video with a smart video zoomer for. Pan and Zoom effect, also called Ken Burns Effect, which is used to apply to the video or image and make it slowly zoom in on the subjects of interest and pan.

VIDEO: Wondershare Zoom

But when i fully zoomed in the waveforms are to small, how can i zoom and cannot synchronize on filmora so switching to another product. In using PDFelement on a Mac version I use it to reference large page format CAD drawing files. The current Zoom funtionality is cumbersome.

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